Lower Bowel Formula is one of Dr. Christopher’s most famous and popular formulas. To some this formula is known as an herbal laxative, however, to many herbalists it is much more than this. One of the most important and beneficial factors of this formula is how it stimulates peristaltic action within the lower bowel. Take according to personal need. As there are no two people alike in age, size, or physical construction and the bowel itself will differ in persons as much as the finger prints, most people will start with two capsules or 30 drops of the glycerin based extract three times a day and then regulate the dosage from there. If the stool seems too loose then lower the dose, but if it is difficult to get a bowel movement and the stool is hard and takes a long time, then increase the dose until the movements become soft and well-formed.

Lower Bowel Formula 100 Vegicaps


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An unhealthy lifestyle & a diet that lacks in fiber & water are often causes of people suffering from less than regular bowel movements. If the intestine is packed with degradable waste products that accumulate bacteria & not fully eliminated, the barrier function of our intestinal wall weakens & toxins enter the bloodstream & are spread throughout the body.

Dr. Christopher’s Lower Bowel formula was designed to encourage the elimination of waste & assist the motor activity of the intestines in a natural way.

Our natural laxative effectively treats constipation and a number of other problems gently, without the risk of becoming reliant on the formula long-term. This is because the formula not only acts as a laxative but treats the sources of constipation, actually making your colon stronger and healthier in the process,

unlike other laxatives that weaken the colon and lead to reliance.

This happens by cleansing the bowel of accumulated waste, mainly dried fecal matter, which leads to bowel inefficiency. Food cannot properly be absorbed, as the accumulated waste covers up more and more of the colon walls, which are essential to absorption. Lower bowel formula promotes a contraction and relaxation of the colon walls that will remove this waste and lead to healthier bowel movements and food absorption.

Lower bowel formula Benefits:

  • A gentle, long-term use laxative that is non-addictive.
  • Strengthens the colon, unlike other laxatives.
  • Helps eliminate polyps.
  • Cleanses and restores the digestive system.
  • Naturally treats constipation, cramping, and excess gas.
  • Safe for treatment of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other ailments.


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